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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Love of Jesus Part 1...!

Praise God, And I am writing again...........................
This world is not a lovely place, we do trust humans, but if we don't life becomes a difficulty.But we as humans are not at all trust worthy. Relationships on this earth do not last long.This fact is not at all a new one..................with Jesus having his disciples run away from him(before crucification), Paul having his wife run away from him(as scholars say)and many more strong binding Christian and non-Christian relations meant to last at least  until death do unfortunately or fortunately break. 
The only solace the world gives and that which is completely wrong is 'find another,forget the past'.This would be good had it been the will of our Father.So that what we can say is 'the will of Jesus be done'.For hadn't Christ loved even when we discarded him and even when we despised him, we would have no hope in entering the Kingdom of Jesus....................the hope which Christ has held for us and the hope which has risen from the mighty act of love on the cross.
And that is why Jesus wants us to love each other out of faith and love him too out of faith and not feelings...............Amen.

                                            to be contd.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Part 4................!

As we had discussed the last time, Christ's love for us is uncountable and unimaginable.If we haven't felt it,then the fact that he has died for our sins on the cross and the promises he hold for us is all enough for our cause of having faith in him and pacing our life in his hands.

For Jesus has prepared for us a place which no person can comprehend............and he is continuously preparing his bride,the church, for the very purpose.Through the sacrifice of Christ we have salvation, but we don't get it all because Jesus had died for it. We need to believe this fact and love him back. For Jesus has a plan in our life, a plan which we can't think of. This plan is not made simply,but it was wonderfully and fearfully created,as the Psalmist says.This thought was not by a commoner but by the Creator of everything that we see around us today.................He would also like to recreate you in the same way  as he had recreated the earth from its state of voidness. He also wants to remove your state of lackingness and fulfil you with his commanding beautifullness. Then we shall live with Jesus forever and ever and ever. It shall be an eternal life..................... Here is just preparing us for the reward ,which was given to us by grace and mercy,which he wills to give us.His plan is perfect .....................

He is just and always loving.........................before i end with the fact and the brief description of God's love.Let me beseech you again and again and again to understand his will for you,his love for you and completely submit and surrender everything you own into his hands...............He is faithful, he loved us so much that he gave up himself to save us from death.He has a plan for us and we just need to submit. We may not know what love is Jesus expecting from us, just submit onto the altar,Jesus shall clean you and the Holy Spirit shall come upon you and you shall be a living sacrifice for God. Doing what is his will for you is rewarding and what he expects from you and he doesn't want you to do what he likes. Just do what is his will for you.Amen.Jesus Loves You.

Praise God!

I would get delayed before writing my next blog. But I have a good news for those who wish me on blog that now i own 5 blogs which would take some time to manage.............................So,bear up with me and I shall be back quite soon.Amen.And Praise Jesus.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Part 3...........................!

 The earlier time when i had written to you i had mentioned to you about what true Love is all about. Its all about sacrifice in which the terms of Love is measured. And i had also mentioned that the only reason we had to love Christ was the fact that he loved us and that he holds for us huge promises for us in Heaven.

And we ought to love him back without having a second thought about ourselves because we are his creation and we are his...................
We belong to him and he has his best plans for us, all we need to do is to submit to him and his plans..........He knows very well what is best for us.
We should love him so much that in fact we give up everything that we have, to and for him.

He doesn't ask anything that he has given to you because it already belongs to him but he wants you and loves you and you are what it matters to him the most and when you do so, you hand over everything that you own and have back into Jesus's hands and you willingly submit into his hands............This is the essence of Chrsistian Life: Love. The fact that Christ's love didn't end it all and there is sufficient and ample enough to draw you to constantly submit in the altar of sacrifice to him so that heavenly fire may come upon you and you are used for the glory of Jesus. This is what he wants of you on earth so that when you reach heaven, he would proudly announce your rewards out for you. Rewards are not what you do for Christ, it is all about how much Christ's plan was fulfilled in you. The only way to achieve this is submit to the Lord and ask his will to be done in your life. It is never too late, for Jesus is capable of returning the lost the years of your life and add beauty to your Christian Life. Its not about how praiseworthy you are on Earth but how much worth you give to give Jesus's words. Therefore my brother and sisters in Christ I oblige you to submit your life and its schemes into Jesus's hands.He loves you and yearns for you. Consider it to be the greatest grace you have ever and will ever get............Live a life according to his will and this doesn't require any special rituals, one silent mumble of your heart will do that what matters. Feel his grace always and remember what he has done for you on the Cross and the promises when he seems distant. Have Faith in him and he will work his plan in you(me).Submitting again to the will of JESUS.Amen.

                                                To be contd...................

Saturday Morning; too early!

Hi, Good morning and Praise God. I couldn't sleep this night for certain reasons unknown. And then how could i miss you all, thought of blogging about my Love and Saviour Jesus Christ. His love is so great that i cannot imagine............................................. 
And we should love him not expecting anything in return for what he has done on the cross for us and what promises he hold for us in Heaven is enough and worthy of all of our Love, Praise, Glory,Time and Everything.
It's completely owned by him who gave us all these graciously...................
And that is why i always say(Christ's will is so)His will be done.Amen. His Kingdom Come.

JESUS Is Always With You Till The End..............................!

Love Part 2......................!

I had earlier said about what people of this world believe love to be. Now here is what bible says love is?

The world also boasts of nine types of love:

  1. Affection
  2. Sexual Love
  3. Platonic Love
  4. Romantic Love
  5. Puppy Love
  6. Friendship
  7. Committed Love
  8. Infatuation
  9. Passionate Love
We also know the four kinds of Love:
Agape: God's Love
Philio: Friendly Love
Eros: Romantic Love
Strego: Parently Love.

All these love or types of Love are temperory or cannot be guaranteed at time in our life except Agape which is the Love which God has had for us. This love is not at all a new fact, but is known to almost to the entire human race; that is the love which our Father in heaven had for us that he willed to let his only son die on the cross.Everyone is entitled to this love. The only thing you need to do is believe in him and the fact that he is the Lord Jesus and confess that you believe that he died on the cross for our sins.

Everyone is entitled to God's Love through Jesus Christ, our Saviour.Amen.

To be contd............................

Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Part 1...............!

At this point i want to share with you about the topic of love. Before going deep into my views and the aunthencity of it. I want you to go through what the world says about Love!

This is what the great poet Keats says about love.

Again one of the popular beliefs about the world..............

And this what the common people have got to say about love and on these same lines most of the philosophers and advisers or psychologists also think on these more or less same lines.!
To be continued.............

Environmental Education!

The funny news is that i hadn't prepared myself for the exam as my previous one(chemistry) had not gone well, so i had thought that this time i won't prepare my selves and i won't have any expectations. And as it should be the paper was easy and i did fairly well without any sort of preparation. And the next exam is Physics on Monday. Hoping to do well. And praying to Jesus That his will be done.Amen.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just Thought Of giving Myself a Glimpse of the world!


The day was just terrible! It began well with SeƱora Paul giving the the chapel message today at school. But the terror began when the question paper was handed out to us.There is no one to be blamed in this issue which i am going to present except me and myself. But to blame me, you need to know what is to be blamed, its not that i haven't studied properly, neither the fact that I was unwell(as was one student from my class). But it was something to do with the question pattern!
There was question pattern which was given to us and we were expected to answer them and i especially didn't prepare anything outside that pattern. And i got the hitting as most questions came outside this pattern(from chemical kinetics and equilibrium). And that was my reason to rue that i simply trusted the question pattern given and didn't work hard to read and learn the full book. Unfortunately or fortunately this incident can be used as an excuse for getting poor marks, for a poor workman always blames his tools. 
But any ways Praise be to JESUS for his will shall always be done.Amen.

My school!

I suppose you never came to know about my school. I presently study in Assembly of God church School, Park Street.


Nice Good morning to all of you once again. I just have completed the half of the half of my chemistry syllabus and only 2hrs more left to study. i do not know how i shall complete the rest of my portions and am very happy to know that Christ shall take care of all my problems and worries, after all we are here to do his will. Let his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let your will be done in my life JESUS. Amen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello everybody!

Seems like you are still sleeping as i write this blog early in the morning. I am also simultaneously listening to the radio most probably some pentecostal . Yesterday night was superb as it rained heavily here. I have got to prepare my selves for tommorow's chemistry exam and god knows alone what a paper might be given to us! Anyways Doing what is his will. And also wishing that you obey him too. Though you may be a sinner or what ever it might be, just trust him for its not how you feel entirely, but its faith that matters. So have a deep rooted faith in him and enjoy life, for this is what you are called for......................... AMEN.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

English Language

Today i began my annual exam for class 11 on a quiet note by giving my English paper 1 exam. It was quite an easy paper. And i do fairly hope to do well. And as it is i had chosen a debate composition to be written. The topic was about the wealthy people, if they were the happiest or not. I clearly wrote that they were not and also cited a few examples from the day to day activities. Then we had got report writing and the topic was about a cyclone hitting a state or a country. There were guidelines given, so the writing became altogether very easy. And then we had the grammar portion, which was all well. We had a comprehension analysis as the next question and had to answer a set of question based on that comprehension. And it was followed by a preci. Altogether the day  was well for me except in the morning i got a bit late in reaching my school premises as there was an accident whose dramatic conclusion quite touched my thoughts even during my exams. Well tommorow is an holiday and today i met my chemistry teacher for my proposed increment in marks on the sheet as per the talks after the 2nd term. She confirmed that it shall be rectified when the 3rd term marks were being submitted. Thats all for the day, till late.
Praise JESUS, for leading me thus far.AMEN.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am Sorry!

I am absolutely sorry not to write for a long time. But with God's Grace and your love and constant prayer, I have been successful thus far. Constantly do remember me in your prayers and as my exams are reaching me on 16th of this month. This is my third term which would decide my passing to the the next year and next class. My life had been quite blissful. And the church which i am attending has also been quite supportful and helpful.
Praise Jesus. I have also lately taken to reading certain spiritual and philosophical books. 
I request you to live a life for Christ and as i constantly submit myself as a living  sacrifice on the altar and that his will may be done in my life, i constantly yearn for it. PRAISE GOD.