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Thursday, February 18, 2010


The day was just terrible! It began well with Señora Paul giving the the chapel message today at school. But the terror began when the question paper was handed out to us.There is no one to be blamed in this issue which i am going to present except me and myself. But to blame me, you need to know what is to be blamed, its not that i haven't studied properly, neither the fact that I was unwell(as was one student from my class). But it was something to do with the question pattern!
There was question pattern which was given to us and we were expected to answer them and i especially didn't prepare anything outside that pattern. And i got the hitting as most questions came outside this pattern(from chemical kinetics and equilibrium). And that was my reason to rue that i simply trusted the question pattern given and didn't work hard to read and learn the full book. Unfortunately or fortunately this incident can be used as an excuse for getting poor marks, for a poor workman always blames his tools. 
But any ways Praise be to JESUS for his will shall always be done.Amen.

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