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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

English Language

Today i began my annual exam for class 11 on a quiet note by giving my English paper 1 exam. It was quite an easy paper. And i do fairly hope to do well. And as it is i had chosen a debate composition to be written. The topic was about the wealthy people, if they were the happiest or not. I clearly wrote that they were not and also cited a few examples from the day to day activities. Then we had got report writing and the topic was about a cyclone hitting a state or a country. There were guidelines given, so the writing became altogether very easy. And then we had the grammar portion, which was all well. We had a comprehension analysis as the next question and had to answer a set of question based on that comprehension. And it was followed by a preci. Altogether the day  was well for me except in the morning i got a bit late in reaching my school premises as there was an accident whose dramatic conclusion quite touched my thoughts even during my exams. Well tommorow is an holiday and today i met my chemistry teacher for my proposed increment in marks on the sheet as per the talks after the 2nd term. She confirmed that it shall be rectified when the 3rd term marks were being submitted. Thats all for the day, till late.
Praise JESUS, for leading me thus far.AMEN.

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