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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Part 3...........................!

 The earlier time when i had written to you i had mentioned to you about what true Love is all about. Its all about sacrifice in which the terms of Love is measured. And i had also mentioned that the only reason we had to love Christ was the fact that he loved us and that he holds for us huge promises for us in Heaven.

And we ought to love him back without having a second thought about ourselves because we are his creation and we are his...................
We belong to him and he has his best plans for us, all we need to do is to submit to him and his plans..........He knows very well what is best for us.
We should love him so much that in fact we give up everything that we have, to and for him.

He doesn't ask anything that he has given to you because it already belongs to him but he wants you and loves you and you are what it matters to him the most and when you do so, you hand over everything that you own and have back into Jesus's hands and you willingly submit into his hands............This is the essence of Chrsistian Life: Love. The fact that Christ's love didn't end it all and there is sufficient and ample enough to draw you to constantly submit in the altar of sacrifice to him so that heavenly fire may come upon you and you are used for the glory of Jesus. This is what he wants of you on earth so that when you reach heaven, he would proudly announce your rewards out for you. Rewards are not what you do for Christ, it is all about how much Christ's plan was fulfilled in you. The only way to achieve this is submit to the Lord and ask his will to be done in your life. It is never too late, for Jesus is capable of returning the lost the years of your life and add beauty to your Christian Life. Its not about how praiseworthy you are on Earth but how much worth you give to give Jesus's words. Therefore my brother and sisters in Christ I oblige you to submit your life and its schemes into Jesus's hands.He loves you and yearns for you. Consider it to be the greatest grace you have ever and will ever get............Live a life according to his will and this doesn't require any special rituals, one silent mumble of your heart will do that what matters. Feel his grace always and remember what he has done for you on the Cross and the promises when he seems distant. Have Faith in him and he will work his plan in you(me).Submitting again to the will of JESUS.Amen.

                                                To be contd...................

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