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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Part 4................!

As we had discussed the last time, Christ's love for us is uncountable and unimaginable.If we haven't felt it,then the fact that he has died for our sins on the cross and the promises he hold for us is all enough for our cause of having faith in him and pacing our life in his hands.

For Jesus has prepared for us a place which no person can comprehend............and he is continuously preparing his bride,the church, for the very purpose.Through the sacrifice of Christ we have salvation, but we don't get it all because Jesus had died for it. We need to believe this fact and love him back. For Jesus has a plan in our life, a plan which we can't think of. This plan is not made simply,but it was wonderfully and fearfully created,as the Psalmist says.This thought was not by a commoner but by the Creator of everything that we see around us today.................He would also like to recreate you in the same way  as he had recreated the earth from its state of voidness. He also wants to remove your state of lackingness and fulfil you with his commanding beautifullness. Then we shall live with Jesus forever and ever and ever. It shall be an eternal life..................... Here is just preparing us for the reward ,which was given to us by grace and mercy,which he wills to give us.His plan is perfect .....................

He is just and always loving.........................before i end with the fact and the brief description of God's love.Let me beseech you again and again and again to understand his will for you,his love for you and completely submit and surrender everything you own into his hands...............He is faithful, he loved us so much that he gave up himself to save us from death.He has a plan for us and we just need to submit. We may not know what love is Jesus expecting from us, just submit onto the altar,Jesus shall clean you and the Holy Spirit shall come upon you and you shall be a living sacrifice for God. Doing what is his will for you is rewarding and what he expects from you and he doesn't want you to do what he likes. Just do what is his will for you.Amen.Jesus Loves You.


  1. Your posts give an insight into the culture of the place and how people practice religion. Thank you for sharing pictures with post for clear explanation.

  2. God loves all of us even because he has created us. Even we don't follow him but still he gives us everything for our life to live. This is his love for us so we should also follow him in return.