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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Love Of Jesus Part 2.....!

First of all, a huge sorry for not writing these many days.............reasons being my school exams, its result declaration, and the good news being I have been promoted to the next grade.
I know you have been praying for me and the love of yours have been great impetus to my success.

Last time we had discussed about the basic fact of Christ's love to us. We all are quite familiar about the sacrifice which Jesus had made on the Calvary and all about its intensity of affliction and pain, not to mention the scorn he faced from his own people all because of a cause that he loves us.

But most of the times we aren't aware that there is much more to this and the love which he has for us does not end in the Cross itself or just giving us a choice of redemption from sin, but also really bothers for us that we should make a right decision in life.For all whom he does care and love, he doth provide for them.

The most interesting part of the Love is that............its patient,is kind and so on till it says that it never fails...!
In short and sweet words, no matter who we are and what sins we have committed in our life.............Jesus Loves  Us.OR Jesus Loves You.

If he wouldn't do so, then Love is rude, but Bible says its not....................what I want to say and convey to you is that we must have a strong love relationship with God..We must be in him, and as long as we are in him, there is nothing to fear. Assure that we are in Jesus and there we shall be in Omega.Amen.


  1. That is a spiritual song. I like it. Your love for God the creature of life can not be denied and i think we should not forget it. Our hearts and souls belong to him. These kind of spiritual songs should be played at institutes also.