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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Water Baptism Service on 8th May 2011 at Diamond Harbour, West Bengal, India.

A view of Diamond Harbour, river side...a very good atmosphere.

A church close to this destination is where we had our water baptism service. Three churches came together, from places namely Rania, Naihati, and the gathering at Diamond Harbour itself.

The worship is not well established here.
However, we thank Jesus for bringing us thus far...and he will continue to lead us forward...Amen.

On the right of ours...Pr. Abraham of IPC(NR) Kharagpur Church.
On the left...Pr. Thomas of IPC(NR) Naihati Church.

Pr. Ajit of Rania Church...

Following pictures are of the meeting which we had on that day followed by a lunch.


  1. Beautiful pictures that transcend language and culture. I have enjoyed your video on you tube as well.

  2. Diamond Harbour is located right infront of my house. It is such a beautiful spot and so much people visit this place throughout the day.

  3. Good that you people manage to spare some time for God. Thanks for sharing pictures with us, May God grant you all your wishes you made

  4. Faith in God always gives yu peace and harmony. Thanks for sharing your moments with us and your love for others is just preciable deed. Keep working like this.